Hi.  I’m Dave’s friend, and he needs your help.

Dave was living the American dream as a top salesman for a big corporation – a beautiful house, nice car, good friends, a classy wife. Then, in the Great Recession, everything crashed. He lost his job, couldn’t find work, maxed out his credit cards, couldn’t pay his mortgage, a repo company took his car, and he was 30 days from being evicted. His friends were struggling and couldn’t help. Even his wife walked out.

So not wanting to end up on the street, he decided to raise money by having a crowdfunding campaign for a Suicide Party with some help from me and a media guru Gidget. If he could raise enough to save his house and get back on his feet, he would live. If not, he’d end it all at the party.   Once he announced the party, all kinds of crazy things happened.

Meanwhile, I decided to make a film about his story.

Maybe the party was a crazy idea.  But it’s a fascinating story, and it deals with some hot topics in the news, such as suicide, inequality, middle class people losing their homes, bad bankers, and more.  So I’d like to help Dave tell his story – and with everyone’s help, he can.

As for me, I’m Steve, a sometime entrepreneur, and I think this is a great story.  We hope you do, too, and can send us a 10-30 second video on why you think we should Save Dave.   Your video will be featured on the website – and we’ll have some great prizes for the best videos.