Even More About Dave

Here’s more about who Dave is.


When he was growing up, his parents set the highest standards for him.  They wanted him to get good marks in school and be successful, even though they had low income jobs themselves.  That’s why success was so important to him.  He wanted to be the best at whatever he did.

In school, he loved athletics, and was on the running and wrestling teams.  He was one of the top runners, though disappointed that a few of the guys were better because they were thin and gangly – just built for speed.  But he was tops on wrestling and loved it when he pinned another guy under him on the mat.

He did well with girls, always going after the prettiest girls, and they were eager to date him, too.

And he was eager to help others who were less fortunate.  He was in Boy Scouts as a kid, and in high school and college, he even volunteered in a local soup kitchen from time to time.

Then, when he started working after graduating with a B.A. in economics, he began working in sales for different companies, selling everything from furniture to office supplies and eventually computers.  It was a natural fit for him, because he was always an outgoing, people-type guy.

Then, after he started making a lot of money, he joined some business clubs for sales and marketing pros, became a member of a yachting and golf club, and that’s where he met Amy, who had a very rich dad.  He used to tell me how great she was when we met for lunch or went to a game from time to time, though she always struck me as a rich bitch interested in how much guys made. But he couldn’t see it, while he was on top of the world.  She was like a golden trophy, a prize he had won to show the world he had finally made it.