More About Dave

Let me tell you a little more about Dave.

Dave had really poor parents who had crummy jobs working in factories and fast food restaurants. He worked really hard to make something of himself and became great in sales.

After he started making a lot of money, his success went to his head. He even got this bitchy rich society wife.  No wonder she walked out when his life fell apart.

But sometimes you need a wake-up call to turn your life around and become a better person.  That’s what Dave hopes to do now, if only he can raise enough money to start again, which is what this film is all about.

Here are some submitted videos of people willing to help Dave to show he’s a really good guy and needs everyone’s help, even if some people think he’s a selfish jerk to have a suicide party. That’s because they say it’s not right to ask his friends and others to contribute to his campaign for the party or else he might do something drastic.  But sometimes people feel driven to extremes, because they want to survive and want to feel people love and appreciate them. And Dave’s heart is really in the right place.

That’s why I’m rooting for him and have made this film about his story, and I hope others feel that way, too.  So please help with your contribution.

Here’s even more about Dave’s story.