About Changemakers Productions


Changemakers Productions, headed by Gini Graham Scott, is a company that specializes in writing scripts and acting as an executive producer in raising funds and putting a team together led by a director/producer, who coordinates all phases of production.

Besides SUICIDE PARTY: SAVE DAVE, the Company has written and produced over 50 short films, ranging from documentaries and narratives to music videos, which are featured at youtube.com/changemakersprod.  The Company website is at changemakersproductions.com.

A complete list of films is at  imdb.me/ginigrahamscott.

Besides developing its own scripts, Changemakers Productions works with producers, production companies, and individual clients in writing original scripts and adapting novels, memoirs, and other books into scripts.

The Company’s next co-productions with Dear Skyyler Productions are SUICIDE PARTY: SAVE STEVE (2016), SUICIDE PARTY: SAVE GIDGET (2017) and THE NEW CAR (2016).

In addition, Changemakers Productions is developing a series of crime suspense/mystery thrillers, sci-fi dramas, and dramas inspired by current social issues. These include the following:

Crime Suspense/Mystery Thrillers:
Deadly Affair
Coke and Diamonds
Rich and Dead
The Heliflyers
Moving On
The Doctor

Sci-Fi Suspense and Contemporary Dramas:
The New Child
New Identity
Dead No More

Dramas Inspired by Current Social Issues:
Tax Revolt
The Intern
Internet Addict

Currently, the Company is packaging some of its scripts by putting together a director/producer with investors for each film. If interested in participating as a director/producer or an investor, please contact Changemakers Productions.