Future Plans


We are planning three new follow-up projects.


SUICIDE PARTY: SAVE STEVE (2016): After creating the TV movie Suicide Party, Steve turned his $80,000, into a $250,000 debt. Everything Steve touched went bust: his second TV movie Save Candy, his production company Grumpy Old Man Productions, even his little porn studio. Now Steve has only 20 days to raise $250,000 or the mob will kill him.

SUICIDE PARTY: SAVE GIDGET (2017): Now that Gidget failed in helping both Dave and later Steve raise money, Gidget is facing terrible consequences– from losing her business to being recruited by the mob for a series of dangerous missions.  What can Gidget do to turn things around?

THE NEW CAR (2016): is a suspense/action/mystery thriller about a woman who gets a new car after her old car breaks down in the desert and she feels she has been scammed by an auto repair shop. After she investigates and discovers the company is involved in massive fraud, this discovery leads to all kinds of complications, including a parking lot dust-up resulting in attempts to kill her.But who is really after her? Soon the investigating police officer finds the killers are after him, too. The story was inspired by real events when the SUICIDE PARTY: SAVE DAVE lead writer/exec producer’s old car died from the Las Vegas heat after a repair shop inspected it and said it would be fine to make the trip. But it wasn’t.


These films are being produced by Changemakers Productions along with Dear Skyyler Productions. There are some opportunities for Associate and Executive Producers to get involved, so contact us if interested in any phase of fundraising, production, marketing, or promotion.