New Dark Comedy on a Serious Subject: Man Tries to Raise Money for Suicide Party to Recover from Economic Disaster or End It All –24 Distributors Interested




Subject Line: New Dark Comedy on a Serious Subject: A Man Tries to Raise Money for a Suicide Party to Recover from Economic Disaster or End It All



New Dark Comedy on a Serious Subject: Man Tries to Raise Money for a Suicide Party to Recover from Economic Disaster or End It AllSUICIDE PARTY: SAVE DAVE
is a new a dark comedy about a once successful businessman about to lose it all who decides to raise money through a crowdfunding campaign for a Suicide Party to save his house and get back on his feet. A trailer is at, and extensive details are on the film’s website at Distribution arrangements and the film’s release schedule will be announced shortly.

As the story begins, Dave, a once successful businessman, is on the verge of losing his house and everything he holds dear. He can’t get help from friends who are struggling, too, so he decides to hold a suicide party with his best friend Steve’s help. If he gains enough to recover from his desperate straits, he’ll live; if not, he’ll end it all. He starts a crowdfunding funding campaign with the help of Gidget, a media guru, and soon all kinds of complications and chaos ensues. An IMDB listing is at

It may seem like a paradox, but the film combines comedy with very timely social issues about economic suicide, inequality, and the loss of the middle class that affect millions today. Already the buzz from those seeing the trailer and the film’s found footage approach suggest that this could be another low-budget breakthrough film, in the spirit of films such as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY that have become box office powerhouses. Already several showings are planned in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the lead writer and executive producer Gini Graham Scott is based, and in Las Vegas, where the film was shot in July 2014.

The film is also poised for this breakthrough because of the track record of the team behind it. The lead writer and Executive Producer of the film, Gini Graham Scott of Changemakers Productions, has published over 50 books with major publishers and is a nationally syndicated columnist with Huffington Post ( She has turned her experience in arranging distribution of this film into a book: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DISTRIBUTING AN INDIE FILM, which has already garnered endorsements from distributors and producers in the industry, as well as a five star review from one of the first readers on Amazon, who posted this without any knowledge by the author. Scott’s other books on the film industry include: FINDING FUNDS FOR YOUR FILM OR TV PROJECT and THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITING, PRODUCING, AND DIRECTING A LOW-BUDGET SHORT FILM, both published by Hal Leonard. Additional information about her is at and in her IMDB listing at

The director and co-producer is Jack Skyyler, the head of Dear Skyyler Productions, who won a REMI and two Best Director awards for his first feature HITTING THE WALL. Other films which he wrote, produced, and directed include: NIGHT ABOARD THE SALEM, ISABEL: A LOVE STORY, SKOOKUM: THE HUNT FOR THE BIGFOOT, DEATH OF LOVE, and INFESTED SHIP. Most recently he produced and directed THE HAUNTED SHIP, a $2 million production scheduled for release in 2015.

The three lead actors are Steve Medvidick as Dave, Rick Lundgren as Steve, and Anna Shields as Gidget. Stephen Medvidick was most recently the star of the Lionsgate feature: MANCATION. Rick Lundgren was featured in several TV series, including PARANORMAL: BURBANK, REUNION, and THE NEIGHBOR. Anna Shields was featured in THE GHOST SHIP CHRONICLES. The film also features Stephen Manley who played Spock in THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK and Drea Castro, the villain of THE ACT OF VALOR and one of the featured women in Chris Rock’s film I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE.

The distributors of the film will be announced in a few weeks after the interested distributors and sales reps see the screener for the film which has just been completed. Special viewings for the press can be arranged through a private online screening.

For more information and to arrange interviews with Gini Graham Scott, Jack Skyyler, or any of the principal cast and crew members, please let me know.

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