We are launching a cloud funding campaign and are also inviting investors to participate in the SUICIDE PARTY film that was inspired by the foreclosure crisis.

You can see it here on IndieGoGo:

It tells the story of Dave, a once successful businessman who is losing his house and everything he holds dear.  But he has a unique idea for how to save it all by throwing a Suicide Party with the help of a friend.  If he raises enough he’ll live; if not, he’ll end it all.  The film raises all sorts of issues about suicide, inequality, homelessness, the foreclosure mess, the economy, banks, the role of the media, and more.

We’ll be working with an experienced director, videographer, and editor in producing this film, and have several trailers we made with the help of a team of volunteers to illustrate the concept.

We invite you to visit our campaigns for the film and become one of our contributors.  We will be using some of the money for production, some for post production, and the rest marketing, promotion, and throwing a series of exciting SUICIDE PARTY PARTIES.

As a contributor, you’ll be among the first to get VIP invitations to these special events that will be held around the U.S.