Plans For the Film


We have some great plans for the SUICIDE PARTY: SAVE DAVE.
We are lining up distribution now, with arrangements to be announced in a few weeks.

We will be entering the film in a series of film festivals to be announced, along with other upcoming events.

We are planning a series of media events around the U.S. featuring radio, TV, web interviews, and articles in newspapers and magazines.

We are organizing a crowdfunding campaign to help build buzz and gain support for our marketing and PR campaign to help our distributors.

We will be launching a series of product tie-ins, which will initially be available as perks in our crowdfunding campaign, and then through our website, Amazon, and online stores. These will include SAVE DAVE T-shirts, posters, postcards, calendars, mugs, and a game, now in development.

We are launching a SAVE DAVE website at to invite anyone to submit a 10-30 second video of why we should save Dave. These will be posted, with rewards to be announced, for the winners.

We have a Facebook page at

We are open to suggestions for other things we might do. Just contact us.