Suicide Party: Save Dave Filming in Vegas Inspires Book of Photos

Suicide Party: Save Dave Filming in Vegas Inspires Book of Photos


Suicide Party Photo Book

The first three days of filming the Suicide Party: Save Dave have been turned into a photo book, featuring the different scenes shot in these first days. The photos were shot by the film’s writer and one of the Executive Producers, Gini Graham Scott, who has published over 50 books with different publishers and a dozen photo books.

It’s called FILMING THE SUICIDE PARTY: SAVE DAVE: A JOURNAL AND PHOTOS FROM THE FIRST DAYS OF THE FILM SHOOT and is available on Amazon in full color at A book with black and white photos is also available.

A short for the film has already been featured in four film festivals, including the Columbia Gorge Film Festival in Vancouver, the Oakland Film Festival, the Northern California Film Festival, and Scary Cow Film Festival in San Francisco.

Among those featured in the book are Directors Jack Skyyler and Alex Zinzopoulos, and lead actors Stephen Medvidick as Dave, Rick Lundgren as his best friend Steve, and Anna Shields as the media guru Gidget. Among them, the participants in the film have been involved in over 100 feature films.

Now, given the excitement the film has generated, a Suicide Party: Save Dave 2 film is in the works, and there will soon be a Suicide Party song, game, and series of postcards and greeting cards. A third film Suicide Party: The Reckoning is planned, too, creating a Suicide Party trilogy.

The film has gained this enthusiasm because it is the very timely story of a once successful salesman on the verge of losing everything. In desperation, he decides to hold a suicide party with the help of his similarly struggling friends. If he can raise enough to save his house and get back on his feet, he’ll live; if not he’ll end it all, leading to a media frenzy and unexpected results. While the film has been turned into a comedy about Dave’s efforts to launch a crowdfunding campaign to put on the party, it highlights the plight of millions of formerly middle class people who are still losing their homes or getting evicted from rentals despite the economic recovery for some. The film is designed to be both entertaining and contribute to the conversation about the need to reduce inequality in America or there will be many more Daves.

Now that the filming has been completed, the film is being edited with plans to release it in November, in time for both the election and the American Film Mart in San Monica November 5-12. A crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for marketing, and promotion has recently been launched to raise an additional $10,000, with opportunities for a few Associate Producers and Executive Producers to participate as partners and share in the proceeds. More details about the production are at Besides credits, the filmmakers are offering all kinds of perks, including VIP invitations to Suicide Party parties, dinners with the director and lead actors, signed books, and more. Or for as little as $5, anyone can join the mailing list for the latest updates and special invitations.

The writer of the SUICIDE PARTY: SAVE DAVE, Gini Graham Scott, PhD, was inspired by her own dwindling credit which led her to experience a mortgage meltdown, so that she had to sell her house rather than face foreclosure. Since then, she moved to San Francisco for two years and now has a house in Lafayette, California. She has published over 50 books with major publishers, written over 15 feature scripts, two others in preproduction, and has written and produced over 60 short videos in three years. Other recent films which deal with the current economic turmoil include three music videos: BAD BAD BANKS, CREDIT CARD RAP, and BANKRUPTCY BLUES, and the short documentaries MIDDLE CLASS HOMELESS and FORGIVE OUR TAXES.

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