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Early on we began a press campaign to turn the SUICIDE PARTY SHORT into a feature film. Here’s an example of one of our releases.

Subject Line:  New Film Planned to Deal with U.S. Housing, Economic, and Suicide Crisis by Award-Winning Indie Filmmaker; Fundraising Campaign Just Launched by Changemakers Productions


Now that the economic crisis has led to millions losing their homes and an increase in suicide, award-winning indie filmmaker Gini Graham Scott is producing a film on this topic: THE SUICIDE PARTY, about a once successful salesman who has 30 days before he will be evicted and lose everything. So he decides to have a Suicide Party with the help of his best friend; if he raises enough he’ll live; if not he’ll quietly end it all.

Once he announces the party, it goes viral and he not only becomes a guest on a TV interview show, but all sorts of attitudes about suicide are brought into open – from the views of suicide prevention and rights advocates to Tea Party members and Jehovah Witnesses.

Views about inequality, the foreclosure crisis, homelessness, and what to do about it all are raised, too. Dave even gets death threats for proposing such a party.  Once the party happens, it creates more controversy and leads to Dave’s struggle with new-found fame. Through this story, THE SUICIDE PARTY raises many of questions about what is happening in society today.

A 30 second sizzle reel and 2-minute trailer introduces the film and shows Dave gaining Biff’s help to put on the party. In another video, Gini Graham Scott introduces the film and the issues it raises.

THE SUICIDE PARTY script is a Screenplay Fest finalist, and Gini Graham Scott just won an award for her latest short film: DEAD NO MORE that premiered at the Castro Theater March 2nd.

She will be using the award money to create a trailer and first episode of THE SUICIDE PARTY to be used in lining up distributors for the feature. Meanwhile, she has just launched a fundraising campaign for both investors and contributors through crowdfunding for the remaining budget for the film, after raising half from private investors.

Gini Graham Scott was inspired to develop the film by her experiences in coming to the end of her credit line and nearly losing her house after defaulting on her mortgage. Still, she was able to sell it a few days after putting it on the market and moved to San Francisco about a year ago, where she lives by the ocean.

She also used this experience to write LIVING IN LIMBO: FROM THE END TO NEW BEGINNINGS and a music video BAD, BAD BANKS , which tells her story in dealing with the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citibank in a light-hearted, humorous way.

Please write or call for more information and to set up interviews with Gini Graham Scott.

Nancy Parker
Changemakers Publishing and Writing