What People Are Saying

What do you think about Dave?  Why save him?

Here are some comments we got so far. Feel free to add your comments.  Just enter them at the bottom of the page.

“Dave’s really a dick. But we should give him another chance to live and change.”
Jerry, Hoboken, N.J.

“I think Dave should live, so he can make it up to me for all the crummy things he did when we were in high school.”
Arlene, Las Vegas
“I’d like to save Dave so he can pay me back what he owes me.”
Dan S, Seattle
“I’d like to save Dave because even jerks need to understand they are jerks.”
Judy W., Los Angeles
“I’d like to save Dave because he gave me $5 bucks when I was homeless.”
A formerly homeless guy, San Francisco
I’d like to save Dave because he looks like my old boyfriend.”
Nancy L., Rochester, N.Y.
“I think Dave should be saved because we should save everyone we can.”
John D., Philadelphia
“I’d like to save Dave because I think it’s the cool thing to do.”
Annie R, Anchorage, Alaska
“We should save Dave because he’s got a great story.”
Frank R., Phoenix, Arizona
“I’d like to save Dave so I can see a film about what happens to him next.”
Tim V., Birmingham, Alabama

“I’d like to save Dave, since he offered me a role in his next film.”
Angie, Oakland, California
“I’d like to save Dave, because he has some of my books to return.”
Bill W., Sacramento, California
“Why save Dave?  Cause all of us guys are rooting for you to make it.  So don’t go yet.
Tom O., Pelican Bay
“I’d like to save Dave because I’d like someone to save me if I was in a similar position.”
Jersey Joe, Newark, New Jersey
“Hey, Dave, don’t go yet.  There’s still time to make money and get famous.  So live it up, have fun.  Then, you can always go out in a blaze of glory, not just a blaze!”
Suzie W., Las Vegas, Nevada